I have been working with Andrea as my coach for last 3 months. Since my professional activities are very diverse nowadays – including teaching and research in university as well as leading of two non—governmental organizations – I felt an acute need in harmonizing those fields between themselves as well as with my private life. So far we had 5 couching sessions with Andrea and I already see a substantial progress in my ability to successfully cope with managing different working tasks and projects as well as my family repsonsibilities.
One of the most important skill of Andrea for me is that she acts as a partner and gives a client the possibility to make his own conclusions and to set appropriate plans. Her approach is very systematic. She also use methods which allow to point out some stereotypes in your life and to correct ones which are no more effective. Already during those first sessions I managed to set the priorities in different parts of my life and to discover new resources I didn’t noticed before. Thanks to Andrea I see a substantial progress in several proejct and, more general, I feel more confident and happy in my activities. Elena Tulupova, assistant at Institute of Public Health and Medical Law, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague